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    Testing automated alerts?

      There seems to be no functionality for testing automated alerts in ePO 4.5? Didn't the old version have a 'TEST' button so you could at least test the template, since there are lot of variales.


      If there is no way to do this then please patch it 

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          I apologize but I am not clear about the question.


          In ePO, we have an option to test the email configuration (Menu=>Configuration=>server settings=>email server).


          If the email server configuration is correct and events are getting triggered then I believe that you will get an Automatic response.

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            Thanks for the reply, I was talking about testing each automated response without actually having to trigger what it is alerting on ....... see the atached screenshot, Where is the TEST button?


            where is test button.jpg


            Also, for some reason the filter setup, as per the 2nd screenshot, triggers an alert when a scan time-out occurs. Anyone know why?


            why is scan timeout triggering.jpg

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              Test button is for checking email configuration. Not for testing automatic response.


              If you are not getting response then will suggest you to look into Orion log when response is supposed to be triggered.

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                Thanks again for the response, but you are missing the point. I am not testing email configuration, I am testing alert templates. I will raise an RFE to get this functionality added.

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                  Came here to ask the same, so i will clarify


                  just to confirm, email configuration has been completed successfully and have tested that emails arrive from ePO to my email client


                  I have created an automatic response, and i would like to see a sample output email of how the alert would look like - how do i do this without triggering the actual alert the response is configured for?


                  it seems that there is no 'test' button for automatic responses, any reason why? even in Alert Manager there was always a 'test' button for generating sample output alerts


                  +1 for this severely lacking functionality, i don't know of any software that allows such expansive alert configuration without a 'test alert' option