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    NET USE Command over the internet

      I have a question about the use of NET USE command in guessing user passwords through SMB in windows ( Hacking Exposed page 161):


      net use \\<target_IP>\IPC$ <password> /u:Administrator


      If the scope of NET command is only through a LAN, how you can use it in guessing a password of a remote host over the internet ?

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          John M Sopp

          The Net use command translates to TCP port 139.
          While most firewalls will block port 139  at the border, maybe some don't().

          If a firewall is in place, you may need to find a way to own a system inside the border firewalls first....

          A primitive way(WinXP/Server 2003,etc )  to see if you can get to a host is run the command

          telnet [ip or host name] 139