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    Re-occuring Error message when open Outlook E-mails

      When I open e-mail from Outlook I get an error message [Error found in Custon UI XML of McAfee AddIn; Line: 1, Column: 118, Error Code 0x80004005, Unknown Namespace: //schemas.microsoft.com/office/2009/07/customui, Element: Custom UI].  Then when I choose "OK" button I get another error message [Error found in Custom UI XML of McAfee AddIn, Line 106, Column: 11, Error Code: 0x80004005, The node is neither valid nor invalid because no DTD/schema declaration was found.]. when I click "OK" the E-mail is fully shown.


      Now I know that this is not a huge problem, after all I eventually get my e-mail, but it is annoying and may be be a precursor to a larger problem.


      So I  ran McAfee Virtual Technician and it found "DAT out of Date". Which I chose to "fix" but after it ran, the error messages still pop up like before.  I have run the Virtual Technician three times and 3 times I chose to "fix" the DAT but it still gives the same error message.


      I tried to get the chat technician online but every time I request a chat session or create a share screen session with a technician I get another re-occuring problem. , ... a quickly dissapearing message comes up which sais "A problem has occured which has caused Explorer to close and re-open this window"  and then the choice to have a chat session is disabled in the new window.


      How do I get this (these) fixed?

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