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    ePO 4.6 - Web API - Update EE User's Password?


      I've been looking through the ePO 4.6 Web API (4.6.0 Scripting Guide) and noticed that there is a command you can run to update an ePO user's password, "core.updateUser."


      Does anyone know if there is an existing command to update an EE user's password via the Web API? This was extremly easy to do with 5.x using the scripting tool command "ResetPassword" and "SetWindowsCred." Our organization has tightly integrated our identity management system with McAfee EE 5.x and would like to do the same with 6.x. Unfortunately, we won't be able to migrate to 6.x until this feature is available via the Web API in ePO.


      Does anyone know if this is currently possible, or in the works? I put in a request during the EE for Mac beta but never heard back from anyone.



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          wow, looks like EE for PC Patch 2 which was posted today includes the ability to change EE user's passwords via the Web API:


          from EEPC 6.1 Patch 2 readme.html


          This release extends the scripting capabilities of McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator with encryption specific commands. This feature is supported from McAfee ePO 4.6 onwards. Web-APIs are available to:

            • add users or user groups
            • remove users or user groups
            • change passwords
            • reset tokens
            • export Machine Keys


          Thanks McAfee!