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    Event ID 5022

      This problem first started out simple enough. I truned on my laptop and Action Center popped up telling me it was off so I turned it on through that service and everything worked fine.


      This morning after some updates for Windows McAfee doesn't work at all. If I try to turn it on through the Action Center nothing happens and when I try to do it through McAfee itself, it turns on but the program then freezes and I have to restart my computer to get it unstuck but the problem stays the same. And when I go to event Viewer I get the error below. The last scan was ran just a few days ago and nothing was detected.


      My system:

      Acer 5742

      Windows 7 Home 6f-Bit SP1

      3GB of RAM

      Intel Core i3 CPU 2.4GHz





      [ Name] McLogEvent




      [ Qualifiers] 49152






      [ SystemTime] 2011-10-12T19:19:57.000000000Z






      [ UserID] S-1-5-18