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    MWG Trying to use LDAP after NTLM and guest routing - not working at all


      On site at a school system and they are trying to use MWG7 to give different policies based on a couple of factors in the below order:


      1. If they are on the Guest IP subnet - non auth - give them a default guest policy

      2. Use NTLM for wired or wiredless Windows boxes to seperate faculty from students

      3. Using LDAP to authenticate via a pop up for creds for wireless things like iPads, iPhones and any wireless device


      The guest rule works and so does NTLM but when we try and setup LDAP, we cannot get it to work at all.  LDAP is pointed to the same server as NTLM, the ports are open, the creds have been checked and re-checked but we cannot seem to test with LDAP.  At this very moment we are having issues with getting past the NTLM to the LDAP but not sure where the problem is.


      We tried doing this same config on MWG6.8 but am getting the same results.


      The customer needs to have this in product by end of week or else.


      Thanks for any help anyone can give.