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    EMM Device Verification



      does anyone know hoe the device verification "feature"  works ?


      i understood that if a device has not connected to the proxy for a specified time the device forces you to verifiy over the EMM app on the device.


      Nevertheless though our users are regulary connecting to their mails etc ( also the compliance timestamp moved along with the connection time) they regularily get asked to verify themselvs. On IOS 5 it happens nearly every hour.


      any ideas ?


      Using EMM 9.6


      all the best



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          I have seen this too on our iPad 2 that upgraded ti iOS5. It asks for verification every hour. I do have our set to check jailbroken status every 10080 minutes (7 days) and the compliance window is set to the default of 240 minutes. What gives?

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            received some background information from McAfee:


            if you have continuous jailbreak detection on it is necessary to have the location services running on the ipad/iphones. This is the only way to have a permanent management connection from the MDM to the device (running over the Apple Push service) . I always thought that the MDM can check the status etc also over the Active Sync connection but i was wrong.


            The thing what i see regarding the location services is you cannot manage this setting over the MDM ( no policy available from Apple for this) and second if you have your location services on all the time your battery lasts max a day .