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    Outlook Scan

      We are running McAfee Total Protection for Endpoints (I'm guessing at the current name...) in a corporate environment. I am running EPO 4.0 and VirusScan 8.5i patch 6, with anti-spyware.

      I have received multiple complaints over the last few months on Outlook's performance, both Office 2007 and 2003. I tried disabling the mail scan via EPO, without much improvement. However, disabling the "Outlook Scan" add-in helps dramatically. We use GroupShield so e-mail scanning on the desktop is redundant.

      Here's the problem, I have way too many desktops to manually go around and disable the "Outlook Scan" add-in. McAfee Gold Tech support simply told me we can't do this via EPO. Has someone got a way to disable this add-in via Group Policy or another method???? Please help! There is a growing push to move to another product in my company because of all the overhead McAfee is putting on the desktops....

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          We have exactly the same problem after weeks of trying to track down the issue with outlook it now turns out that it is Mcafee installing an add in module.

          How can this not be disabled via the EPO?!?!?!

          With this enabled outlook takes almost 30 seconds to open on some machines. Without it 2 seconds. Mcafee please tell us that you are working on this issue as we cannot manually disable this on 30,000 machines!!!
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            I agree, you should be able to disable the Outlook add-in installation via EPO. Further, you should be able to enable/disable the add-in via EPO once installed. The overhead on Outlook is intolerable. We are using GroupShield on our Exchange box, so Outlook scanning is redundant, anyway. If you disable Outlook scanning via EPO, this does not disable the add-in, but does help. Disabling the add-in adds significantly better performance.

            Any at McAfee care to respond????
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              It's a massive performance boost, we have no need for email scanning and most corporate environments won't as scanning is done at email front end servers not the local client.
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                Is the "Outlook Scan" being referred to in this thread the same as the "On-Delivery Email Scanner" module of VSE 8.5? Or are you referring to an actual add-in to Outlook?

                To clarify further...have you all been noticing that this is suddenly an issue (perhaps with patch 6/6.1 or the new engine) or has this been an ongoing issue that you finally discovered the root cause of?
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                  Ongoing issue that we have eventually found the cause of.

                  Basically after installing Mcaffe Virus scan enterprise 8.0i or 8.5i even with Email scanning disabled it installed an exchange scan module into outlook. This module cripples outlook.

                  To find it go to tools, options, other, advanced options and then add in manager. If you untick that module then outlook performance improves drastically.

                  Does anyone have any ideas on how to remove this on a corporate scale?
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                    In the same situation here with a user base growing increasingly frustrated, has anybody got any reg fixes or ways around it as McAfee seem to be silent on the matter!
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                      I have been searching in vain for a fix for this, short of going round to every workstation, which is just unacceptable on a large scale.

                      Also found another issue as well with scriptscan, which slows down IE dramtically it's a little better in 8.5 but still a simple sharepoint page takes 6 seconds to load with scriptscan and 2 seconds without.
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                        Has anyone tried using regmon/windiff to see how to disable it and make regfix/script to disable it?

                        Does anyone from McAfee read these forums and is able to help??
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                          Apparently not. This must be McAfee's way of lowering their support costs. When I talked directly to tech support, they simply said they had no way to centrally turn this off or uninstall the add-in. You would think this would be an EPO setting. Here goes another look at Forefront....:(
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