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    McAfee 4.5 and Windows 2000 Servers

      I'vebeen told that we need to upgrade our McAfee clients on our Windows Servers to 4.5 (some are at 4.5 already ... others are 4.0) before the EPO server can get upgraded from 4.0 to 4.6 so we are in theprocess of upgrading all of our clients from 4.0x to 4.5x right now.  The only server type I'm having an issue with is our few ancient Windows 2000 servers and according to the product documentation they don't look to be compatible.


      If this is the case … how can we get the new DAT files to the Windows 2000servers?  Should we set them up todownload their updates from the web?


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          MA 4.0 will reach its EOL on 31st Dec (http://www.mcafee.com/us/support/support-eol-software-utilities.aspx).


          I am not sure if you will face any update problem till the date.


          Are you facing any issue?

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            Thanks but we are upgrading EPO in the very near future.  I don't administer the EPO server ... just the Windows servers on EPO.


            I was hoping to get confirmation of what was told to me about the McAfee client version requirements for EPO 4.6 and if thats's an issue whether EPO would have an problem communicating to our remaining Windows 2000 servers so we can get policy and task updates, or at least have them download the latest dat files.


            Thanks for your help,


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              You should be fine - just make sure you have the last supported version of MA 4.0, which is MA4.0 Patch 4, on your Win2000 machines. As Hem says it will go end-of-life at the end of the year, but that doesn't mean it will immediately stop working: just that if you have any problems with it after that point we won't be able to help you.


              HTH -



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                Like JoeBidgood says we run our old 2000 servers on agent version and they communicate perfectly fine to our ePO 4.6 server.


                The only issue i had was that i couldn't deploy the agent from the ePO server. Instead i had to install the agent manually and specify the agent/server communication keys as part of the command line install string.


                There's a section in the agent release notes that detail the install process.


                Installing the agent with user-selected site information and user-selected keys
                Use this command to install the agent and specify a site list file and security keys (srpubkey.bin and reqseckey.bin) other than the defaults. This command is useful when upgrading an agent using framepkg_upd.exe. It specifies the server with which the agent communicates, irrespective of the site information embedded in the original installation package.

                framepkg.exe /install=agent /siteinfo=<full path of sitelist.xml>

                The security keys must be located in the same folder as the site list. Use ePolicy Orchestrator to export the files:

                1. Export the siteinfo file:
                  1. Select Software | Master Repository.
                  2. Click Export Sitelist.
                  3. Save the file to a new location.

                2. Export the security keys:
                  1. Select Configuration | Server Settings | Security Keys, and click Edit.
                  2. Select Master Agent-server secure communication key, and click Export.
                  3. Save the files to the same location as the siteinfo file.


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