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    EPO agent for mac problem


      I am running epo agent 4.6 on mac.  We have had many macs for some reason where the agent just doesnt seem to check in. Installing is normal, running under sudo account.  No errors on the installation.  But system never checks in nor can you get to http://ipaddress:8081.  The only real error message I see in the cmdagent.log is


      2011-10-11 14:45:13 [1328]   [CmdAgent] [E]   LPCException occured to send message over datachannel, Unexpected IPC error. Please ensure MA/Point Product service is running.


      I have reinstalled the product several times reboot in between just to make sure.


      sitelist.xml looks fine as well as the agent.ini, eventpolicies.ini and registry.ini


      Any clues where to start on this?