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    VSE Dashboard Missing

      I hope someone can help me. I am trying to add a DAT Version query to my ePO Dashboard, but when looking in the Reports/Query section, there are no VSE queries available. After referring to the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator 4.5 Reporting Guide, it mentions that these queries are supposed to be there by default, but they are not.


      How can I add them into my system?


      Thank you for your help!

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          I will suggest you to check if VSE reporting extensions are installed to the ePO server. If not then please install it. VSE queries will appear.

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            I extracted the VSE Reporting Extensions from the VirusScan 8.8.0 zip file. I installed the extensions and they now appear as an option in Reports and Queries as well as the Dashboard.


            The only problem now is that they report that there is nothing out there. No VirusScan or DATs installed on the network. Any idea why that is? It was all pushed out from the server and the VirusScan on each machine reports that it gets the dat files.


            BTW, I am downloading the SuperDATs, if that helps.


            Thank you.

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              I found the following answer to the issue:


              You have to extract VIRUSCAN8800(XXX).zip, VIRUSCANREPORTS120(XXX).zip, and epo45_help_vse_880.zip from the VirusScan downloaded zip file. Then you need to install all three extracted zip files as Extensions in the Orchestrator.


              Once this is done, all of the reports, queries, and dashboard monitors will function for VSE.