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    Redeploying SiteAdvisor Enterprise 3.0 with ePo


      My company recently decided to configure and deploy Mcafee Site Advisor Enterprise 3.0. During testing, the consultant accidently deployed Siteadvisor to all computers in our company. This was not a big issue as the default setting was for a passive mode.


      However, someone appears to have uninstalled SAE from the majority of computers via ePo. The problem is now that we are ready to go live with the content filtering (Web Filtering for Endpoint is installed), SAE will not redeploy to the site systems it was removed from. I have tried running the task "once" at a specific time (this has worked in the past for VSE for example) but it is still not deployed. I have 900 computers that need this upgrade within the next 24 hours. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


      I have one epo 4.6 server that manages 1600 clients.


      Thank you.