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    Hardware Support


      I have been trying to ascertain the level of support available on new enterprise firewalls.

      I am currently using McAfee 510E appliances from Dell with 4hr on site support.

      The replacement for these units is the S3008

      From what I can read McAfee have discontinued same day support on all new enterprise firewall hardware in all of Europe .

      I have been using the product for 10+ years and have always had 4hr on site hardware support.

      Can anyone tell me why a decision has been made to only offer NBD support in Europe.

      This would leave companies without harware support for a number of days over a weekend or over a holiday period.

      This would be a retrograde step considering 4hr hardware support had always been offered from Secure Computing days and throught the early days of McAFee ownership.

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          Thank you for posting your question to the forum. At this time we do not offer same-day hardware support on the new S-Model hardware in EMEA. In EMEA we currently offer Next-Business Day On-site as well as Advanced RMA (where we ship you a new appliance, then you ship the defective unit back). With the transition to our new appliance line we have a new service provider and are working through additional service offerings that we can sell in the future. Thank you for your feedback, I will pass it along to our hardware team as a valuable data point for offerings we should consider in the future. I understand that it is frustrating. If you would like to set up a call to have a personal conversation with the McAfee team, please feel free to reach out to me or your sales rep and we can set something up.




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            Thank you dgold for your reply.

            As you rightly say this is very frustrating.

            I think that only offering NBD on McAfee new hardware is a serious miscalculation of what the market demands especially as it has always been an option in the past.

            All other major firewall vendors offer 24*7*4 hardware support.

            I believe it would have been better to stay with the hardware vendor where 24*7*4 hardware support was available.

            NBD could leave an organistaion without an appliance for 4+ days over a holiday period.

            As I stated I have been a customer of the firewall product for 10+ years.