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    Schedule an on demand scan



      I want to do an on demand scan to all clients in our network.

      I must schedule this scan.

      I made this in the past with an older version from the ePo Orchestrator.

      Now we have ePo 4.6 and I don't know how I can do it here.

      I've read many desciptions and manuals, but I can't find the menues in my ePo 4.6.


      Please help (we have a virus and I must scan all clients)!


      Thanks a lot!




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          Hemant Koli



          Logon to ePO WebConsole--->Menu---->Systems---->System Tree, Under system tree click My Organization & on the right panel click Client Tasks tab & Click on New Task to create ODS for all systems.

          If any further assistance please feel free to revert.

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            Hello Hemant,


            Thanks for your quick response!  :-)

            ...but I can't find the "Client Task Tab".

            I only see the "assigned client tasks tab".


            Do you know what's wrong?mcafee.gif








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              Peter M

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                Hemant Koli


                I think you are using ePO 4.6...

                Assigned Client Task is as same as Client Task. So click on action & create new task for ODS.

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                  Hello Hemant,


                  thanks again! :-)


                  But when I click on "actions --> new client task assignment", I only get the following window.

                  Can you please tell me where I can create an OSD scan!





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                    Make sure you have the VirusScan extension checked in to ePO - then you should be able to schedule an ODS task


                    HTH -



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                      Hello Joe,


                      thanks for your help! :-)

                      I tried to install the extensions (.zip - files), but the system reports that the files are already installed.



                      These extensions are installed.

                      Is there missing an extension?




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                        Ah, I think I see

                        ePO 4.6 has a task catalog, in the same way that it has a policy catalog: so first you create the task in the task catalog, and then you assign it. The reason you can't see any ODS tasks in the assignment page is because there are none created yet



                        Go to Policy / Client Task Catalog, and in the left-hand window you should see VirusScan. Expand this with the arrow and select On Demand Scan, then click New Task and follow the wizard to create the task.


                        Once this is complete you will can now go to the system tree and assign the new task as required.


                        HTH -



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                          Hi Joe,


                          thanks again!  :-)

                          The problem is, that I can't see the "Virusscan" in the Task Catalog.


                          ...but I think I found the solution.

                          I have to remove the VSE 8.8 from the extensions (in EPO).

                          ....then I have to reinstall the VSE again.

                          I have cloned the server and tested it.

                          The only problem is, that if I remove the VSE from the extensions, all my Policies from the Policy Catalog are gone.

                          I think I have to save the poilcies before.


                          Thanks again!  :-)




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