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    Continual annoying advertisements


      McAfee, inappropriately in my view, randomly displays advertisements on our computers (lower right hand corner; see attachment for an example). These are extremely annoying because 1) they take focus and cover other programs and focus cannot be lost, 2) they require us to make several keystrokes in order to remove the display, which takes at least 2-3 seconds to disappear, 3) there appears to be no way to choose to opt out of these annoying ads, and 4) McAfee claim they are concerned with and respect our privacy, yet assail us with unwanted junk.


      I tried to contact McAfee to find out how to stop these ads, as should be my right. No one at McAfee seemed to even know about these and were of no help whatsoever. This is unacceptable. If this is how McAfee treats us (and I have been a loyal subscriber for many years, with multiple computers simultaneously), then we should reconsider continued patronage.


      In the meantime, does anyone know how to stop these ads?

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