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    LDAP-Query for EEPC - how to change samaccountcontrol/useraccountcontrol informations?




      I've a question in how to determine which kind of information is transferred in the stage of "LDAP" query.


      Due to the password policy within our Active Directory Users have to change the Password reguarly and often can not authenticate on the following days against EEPC, nor does the old Password do the trick (if the password wasn't changed on their Notebook). So I would like to know how to check, or where to look at, what kind of Information is transferred to EEPC and if there is a possible solution to grant Users to authenticate at EEPC wether or not their Password is out of date. At least they should be able to authenticate once after the Passwordchange has taken place so that EEPC can synchronize the new Password at the stage of the authentification against the Active Directory via the changed Gina.dll.

      I do apologize for my english so please be free to ask for further information if there are missing or misleading informations.