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    Is it possible to use sbadmcl.exe if the DB service is stopped?

      Is it possible to connect to an EEPC 5.1.8 database using sbadmcl.exe if the database service isn't running?  I have a backup instance on which I need to run some commands, but I don't want clients connecting.  I believe I've done this before, but now it's not working.


      >sbadmcl.exe -command:GetAdminLevel -Group:* -user:brunomik -adminuser:brunomik -adminpwd:********

      McAfee Endpoint Encryption Scripting Tool
      Copyright ⌐ 1991-2008 McAfee, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

      Executable version :
      DLL version        :

      >>> Connecting to "SafeBoot Administration Database"


      It basically just freezes indefinitely while trying to connect to the database.


      Here's the SDMCFG.INI:




      Description=SafeBoot Administration Database



      DataPath=D:\Program Files\SBAdmin\SBDATA





      Any help would be greatly appreciated!