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    Scanning Windows 7/Vista/Server 2008 (yuck); plans for an agent?

      The changes to loosen up the security for Windows 7 et al. so that MVM can scan it via the network seem pretty extensive:

      (KB67904, KB52601)

      re-enable the local admin account

      enable the remote registry service

      edit the registry to disable remote UAC


      and I don't see a way to nail down the access to just the scan engines.


      I have two questions:

      Does anybody have a more graceful way to give MVM access to W7/Vista/Server2008?  Changes via AD group policy?


      And for the MVM folks:

      Given that Microsoft is likely to move forward with battening down security, and undoing MS security  for MVM (oh, the irony) may become less palatable over time, is there a plan to make an MVM scan agent for Windows?