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    Slow launch of .chm files after installing VirusScan 8.5

      Since I've installed VirusScan 8.5, HTML Help files (.chm) are very slow to launch on my machine. With VirusScan 8.0, they take 2-5 seconds to launch and now take 30 seconds to launch. This occurs on the first launch of the CHM.

      Disabling scanning of the CHM isn't an option and we don't want to configure our machines to skip CHMs.

      This has apparently been a problem in the past, and I'm seeing the exact same behavior as described in this post:

      Does anyone know what causes this behavior or ways to fix it?

      Win XP with Service Pack 3 (up-to-date with win updates)
      McAfee Autoupdate
      Product Coverage Report
      Enterprise Workstation
      Virus Definitions 5364.000 Installed on 8/19/2008
      Hotfixes 4