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    Patch Management



      I need a Vulnerability and Patch management Solution. I need to scan and know which vulnerabilities I am exposed to and I also want to be able to patch my systems and application from a centralized location.


      Can vulnerability manager do that?


      I talked to 2 "mcafee live chat" assistants, and one told me that, yes, I would be able to deploy patches to my systems and applications from vulnerbility manager, while another that I would need ePO for that.


      I have worked with ePO before and don't remember that feature.


      Since you guys actually work with this, what is the right answer?



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          Hi droide,


          MVM is not a patch management solution - it's a Vulnerability scanner and reporting system.  Using MVM in conjunction with ePO, Policy Auditor and Remediation Manager will get you close to what you want.  Many of our customer choose to integrate with other product/vendors like BMC BBCA or Autonomics for a full blown Patch Management solution.


          You should reach out to your McAfee sales team, they point you in the right direction.


          I hope that helps!