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    DLP Monitor won't start after upgrade 9.1 to 9.1 Patch 1

      I upgraded DLP 9.1 to 9.1 Patch 1.  I used Menu \ Data Protection \ DLP Policy to convert and apply the policy.  I try to load DLP Monitor and get the error "failed connecting to http://localhost::8731/DLPWCF/MonitorWCF service.  Exception information: The user is not authorized to access this web method".  That's when I'm logged on at the EPO Server itself.  When I logon remotely the Exception information changes to "could not connect to http://localhost:8731/DLPWCF/MonitorWCF Service, TCP error code 10061, eetc.".  This is another issue, that the url is coded with localhost instead of the dns name or IP address of the ePO server.  BUt first things first, what's the "not authorized to access this web method" about?