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    Interface problem

      Hello, I recently have been having accessing the interface for McAfee. The drop down menu from the toolbar icon will not open. Also, when I try to access the program from the Windows Start Menu (I am using Windows 7) I get a blank Microsoft Explorer window that says, "The Navigation to the Window was cancelled." I cannot access my antivirus at all. Anyone know how to resolve this? Thank you

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          Download and run MVT the Mcafee virtual technician and note the session ID.

          See if it helps.


          I would then after a reboot and confirming it is still an issue uninstall and reinstall mcafee (after a reboot) from your account. This should fix it up.


          Rerun MVT(noting session id as well) If it is not right this time and contact tech support in the useful links tab above. Chat or phone calls are free. tell Them the session Ids

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            Hi esvalenti,


            Could you please check if you have content advisor enabled on your browser ???

            Open Internet explorer

            Click on Tools (at the top)

            Click on Internet Options

            Click on the tab – Content

            Then check if the button below Content advisor says : Enable (Which means its disabled at the moment)


            If not disable it , hit Apply and then Ok

            Restart the PC and check the status of your McAfee programs


            Note : I have placed an image of the steps for your ease.

            Content advisor.JPG