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    Scheduled Scan does not start at the time I set

      I am having an odd problem.. no matter what time I set my 'Scheduled Scan' to start, it starts between 3:00 and 3:30 pm.  I leave my office at about 4:00 pm, so I have to stop the scan every time.  I have set the start time at 9 am - 10am - 4am with the same result - the scan starts in late afternoon.  What am I doing wrong? My computer clock is keeping perfect time, so it's not that.   I am using McAfee Security Center version 11.0, build 11.0.608 and AntiVirus Plus version 15.0, build 15.0.291.  Windows XP Home, version 2002,

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          Hi there,


          McAfee has changed the way scheduled scans start to prevent your computer from launching a scan while you are using it, which could cause performance to be slower than desired

          When the scheduled time for a scan occurs, McAfee SecurityCenter begins to monitor your computer for activity. If no keyboard or mouse activity occurs for 10 minutes, SecurityCenter then monitors for CPU usage. If CPU usage remains under 10% for 10 seconds, the scheduled scan will begin. So do you have any running applications on your PC while the scan occurs.



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            OK, so basically that means the scheduled scan is meaningless, because it will run when it wants to, not when I want it to... that's not really helpful - LOL!  I guess my only recouse then, is to run it manually?  Too bad, because if I get busy and forget, it won't be done.  Thanks for the explanation.

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              It is hard to believe that the option McAfee gives to schedule a scan is not really a command to the program,  but merely  a suggestion.   That is why I have suggested McAfee actually add a "hard start" option that will force a scan at the time the user sets. 






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