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    Unsuccessful Installation On MacBook Pro Running Boot Camp



      I'm new here, I just bought a MacBook Pro, which I have it set to dual boot using boot camp and i'm running windows 7. Originally when I installed windows 7 I was able to install my McAfee virsus software, but then last week, I noticed it stoped working, When I tried to run the program I would get a blank McAfee menu window. So I tried to uninstall McAfee using the add remove programs but It would not do anything. So I used MCPR tool to remove the program. Then I tried to reinstall the software again and would get the same error that the original poster would have. I tried everything that was listed int he post with no success

      It says

      Installation Cannot Start

      We're having trouble installing your McAfee softwar. Please make sure you have JavaScript insstalled on you PC, and that it's working properly before continuing.


      Learn more by visiting the McAfee support website at



      Asfar as Java goes I installed Java(TM) 6 Update 27 => is this java same as javascript?