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    Monitoring AV scan success in EPO

      Running EPO
      Clients are a mix of VSE 8.5 Patch 6 w/5300, and VSE 8.0 Patch 15 w/5300.

      Is there somewhere in EPO that I can run a report to tell me when the last AV scan was run on each machine?

      If it could also tell which scans were successful, canceled by user, or reached the timeout, that would also be useful.

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          As far as I know McAfee does not have a report for AV scanning. It would be GREAT if they did, HINT, HINT.. McAfee...

          However, If you look under Reports \ Queries \ Events \ All Scanning Events you will find information on scan activities. It does not actually report a Success or Failure, but it's the only place I can find this type of information.

          Hopefully someone with greater knowledge has a better solution. It would be nice to review a report that provided at-a-glance information for scanning events.

          Good luck.
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            I also agree, some reports for the scans would be extremely beneficial.