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      I had an issue and want to find out what could it be.


      It suddenly starts to fail with the following alert


      From: <Anti-Spam Appliance>
      At: <date-time>
      Host: localhost
      Service: smtpproxy
      Info: LDAP Profile <LDAP> access failed. Setting as unavailable.


      Thanks for the help!

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          Is it possible the password used to connnect to the LDAP server changed or expired?  Those are fairly common reasons that a profile breaks.  Other possibiliities are firewall changes or server changes that no longer allow the connection through.

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            Thank you for your reply ajclements!,


            I forgot to mention that was already checked and we've verified that the LDAP password was the same. What I was trying to find was a reason, it seems to me like it should be a connection issue that last long enough to trigger the alert. But I couldn't find a log to confirm what actually happen.

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              Hi Bcalvetti,


              Did you find the solution to this error? I am too facing this error on the email gateway



              Prasanth George