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    Preboot Reboot Loop


      Just running into a few machines that have been recently rebuilt with Windows 7 Pro x64, that we are using the latest McAfee 6.1

      Patch 1 they are Dell Latitude E5510 machines sometimes they boot up normally and get to a preboot screen to logon without

      issues, other times it gets to the theme page but doesn't display the logon window and then gets stuck in a loop of rebooting over

      and over and then all of a sudden will stop bring up the logon screen and the user can sign right on get into Windows and work

      without issue. 


      Devices are running the latest BIOS on the system. 


      Machine is running in ACHI for the SATA Operation.

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          I have experienced this as well. This occurred on a Dell Latitude E5410 in my case but behaved in the same way. I did an emergency boot from the EETech disk and it was cleared up. The user said that the loop presented itself again after a few days and had staff re-image machine and leave EEPC off of the machine. I am having the user bring it back in for further testing. I just thought it would be a hardware problem on the machine. Have you opened a case with McAfee about this? Please let us know if you find the cause of this.

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            Hemant Koli



            Enable the "Use compatible MBR" in EEPC product settings policy at ePO policy catalog & enforce the policy to laptop which has issue.


            This might help...............

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              I had thought about turning that on, but so far it only seems to be Windows 7 and the Dell Latitude e5510, we have 5520s and 5420s with Windows 7 Pro loaded with no issues.  We also have e5510s with XP and no issues.  I also don't see it happen all the times with the e5510s with Windows 7, it'll boot  fine for between 5 and 6 times without issues, and then the 7th time will just get stuck in a loop, and then i can power it down and it boots up with no issues, once past preboot the OS has no issues at all and runs smooth.


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