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    Installation of ePo 4.0 failed at the end =>Win-Server2008



      I've a problem installing ePo 4.0.


      We plan to migrate our old ePo 4.0 to a new virtual machine running now Windows Server Standard 2008.


      After migration we want to upgrade to epo 4.6. Because of this I prepared the new VM with Win Server 2008 (including all recent updates) and SQL-Server 2008 Express.


      There is running no more software on this machine, Win-firewall is shutdown.



      Now I'm trying to install epo 4.0 on this machine. It looks all good, the installer can access the sqldatabase and I can start the installation with button "install".


      But after a few minutes of installation I got the error message that the installation could not be finished completely and the installer started a rollback.


      I've attached a screenshot of the error-message and a part of the epo-log-msi where you can see an msi-error 1708.



      After a few days of testing and gooling through many help-sites I need your help how.


      Does anyone of you know this issue?