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    W32/Xpaj.b keeps coming back.  How can I totally remove it?


      Hello All,


      I'm new.  Will try to keep this short.  First off, machines that are compliant are still getting this malware.  Via ePO there are no "Threat Sources".  McAfee is doing it's job in detecting and cleaning/removing the infected files related to W32/Xpaj.b.  However, a few days later a client will recieve the infection again when McAfee performs on-access or on-demand scans.  Any ideas would help.  I could have my onsite support to run another malware detection program to perhaps contain the infected file/s in question prior to cleaning and get the virus defenition from virustotal, but we try to stay away from that due to potential licensing issues for corporations.


      Thank you!


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