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    LDAP groups disappeared from my scan templates.    HELP!!!!

      I am running MVM 7.0.  I have been running the same scan templates for several months just fine.  This month a my 1st few scans ran and in the summary it showed 0 hosts found.  When I went in to edit the scan,  I noticed that all of our LDAP groups were gone.


      I have run the latest MVM patches, language pack, SCAP content, OS fingerprints and threat intelligence and this also did not help.


      Any scans with IP addresses manually entered seem to run without a hitch.





      Not sure if this is related,  but will put it out there just in case

      1.) I run an AdHoc scan with an entered IP with admin creds.  The scan runs and finds the host(s).  but when I look at the Windows Access in the scan reports, it tells me "There is no data to display"


      2.) FASL updates will not run automatically.  I have to manually go into the console and force the FASL updates.  I looked at the services and the FS Update service proxy is started (even stopped and restarted the service)  NO LUCK