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    Object Directory Backup Woes

      We are using Object Directory Backup. V 2.0.0


      Once a week we make a full backup to another server over the network. This is using the option to copy "All Source Files and Folders". When we log into this backup from an instance of SBAdmin on the other Server, it appears to contain up to date objects. It's impossible to tell if the backup is 100% correct but a manual inspection of audit logs and containers / machines seems to show that it's as reliable as we can hope for.


      Once a day, at 2pm, we also run a Differential / Incremental backup to another Folder on the same backup server as the weekly, using the copy "Files Newer than the Destination" option. This has been running for over a year, with the backup log confirming that it completed, with a summary of number of files deleted, copied etc. We checked it at the beginning of this month and were dismayed to find that the backup is missing objects and that regularly used admin user accounts had audit logs which hadn't been updated for months.


      We have a case open with Tier II but they seem a little baffled. By their own admission, they've not dealt with any customers who actually use this application for their database backups. I am thinking about using Robocopy to prove.


      When we discovered the problem, we deleted the differential SBDATA folder and then started again, by copying our last weekly backup to the folder and then scheduling a  "Files Newer than Destination" copy to that folder. We are still noticing missing objects. In fact, yesterday, we created a test User Object and two test Machines Objects, just prior to the backup. The user object was copied across on the backup, but not the machine object. Also, at least one of the admin accounts showed an old audit log which didnt' reflect recent acitvity.


      I am wondering if, by starting the backup on top of what was an old version of the database copied to a new folder, has somehow confused some timestamps or something? In fact I'm not even sure what methodology the app uses to determine newer objects.


      So at the moment, we have what appears to be a healthy weekly, but an unreliable daily.


      Did Simon Write this app?


      Yours, Confused of Worthing, West Sussex.

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          whoa! what does that mean - "Did Simon Write this app?" ? - I thought eveyone knew I never graduated beyond Basic...

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            Oooh, no, that wasn't meant as an Accusatory / Derogatory remark. More a "Help me Obi-Wan, you are my only hope" way.

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              Well, it looks like Robocopy is doing a faithful incremental / differential. Only thing is, I don't want to use Robocopy as it takes at least an hour longer than Object Directory Backup and isn't supported by McAfee.


              Does anyone know why Object Directory Backup might be missing objects in a differential backup?


              I also noted a McAFee Knowledgebase article which answers the question "Why are there less files in my backup" for Object Directory backup? The answer is somthing like: it skips Temp files and Object Lock files I think? Maybe if I could understand exactly which files these are, I could exclude those file types from The Robocopy.


              And finally, we have over 20,000 deleted objects in our Deleted Machines Bin and prior to that I've permanently deleted (in the GUI) another 60,000 machine objects. I am wondering if I could significantly reduce the file count of my database by getting rid of the WPE folders? But I'd like to understand this process a bit more first. Our Database is currently at around 7.5 Million Files. Our Live objects are around 80k users and 80k machines.