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    Manual partitioning of MWG7


      Hi all,


      is there a way to "manually" partition the Webgateway while installing (haven´t looked in the install process so far) ?


      Environment is a MWG VMWare installation - the customer wants to "remove" the cache partition to save space in the esx host.

      Caching will be disabled via the MWGs configuration.


      Thanks Tom

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          Jon Scholten

          Hi Tom,


          This is not currently possible (by any easy means) or supported. I'd suggest opening a FMR if this is important to you or suggesting it on the ideas forum.





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            We had a similar situation, except we reduced the /dev/vg00/cache partition from 700G to 70G. I would suggest that you do not remove this partition completely, but instead reduce dramatically. I can send the necessary commands to perform this if you like

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              On a VM, you don't have to get that complicated as to enter commands for partition resizing in the OS.


              When you create the virtual machine, the first drive is always set as the system drive that installs the OS and the application. Any second drive your attach will automatically become the cache drive, no matter what size.


              So in this example, I have drive 1 (/dev/sda2) set for 200Gig. And drive 2 (/dev/sdb1) set for 20Gig.




              The physical to logical volumes map out like this:


              [root@mwgappl ~]# lvm pvs

                PV         VG   Fmt  Attr PSize   PFree

                /dev/sda2  vg00 lvm2 a-   190.68G     0

                /dev/sdb1  vg01 lvm2 a-    20.00G 10.00G


              The file systems map out like this:

              [root@mwgappl ~]# df

              Filesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on

              /dev/sda1              9614116    980012   8145732  11% /

              tmpfs                   505156         4    505152   1% /dev/shm

              /dev/mapper/vg00-var  15481840    188080  14507328   2% /var

              /dev/mapper/vg00-tmp   5160576    141484   4756948   3% /tmp

              /dev/mapper/vg00-opt 167908480    407000 158972176   1% /opt


                                    10321208     23036  10298172   1% /opt/mwg/cache






              The installation will always make that second drive the cache drive and you don't hav to do any manual command line volume management.




              Don't make the second drive too small, I'm not sure what the bare minimum size is to do this trick, but I went as small as 10 Gig for the second drive and it worked. But less that that did not.



              BTW, make sure you turn of caching entirely in the Proxy settings if you do not want to use it at all.



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                Thank you very much for the fast response.