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    McAfee Total Protection

      Hello, my name is Jim and I have a question I need help with. I have McAfee's Total Protection, would I be wasting money keeping a subscription I have with PC Tools' Registry Mechanic? I use CCleaner, which is free, along with the 2 mentioned. Thanks for your help and opinions, Jim

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          Just my opinion.Yes.Mcafee has built in cleaner.Plus ccleaner is a very good free program if used properly.I use ccleaner but don`t normally use the registry portion of the program.If you feel that your computer would benifit from this make sure to always make back ups of registry.I dont think there is a reason to buy a 3rd reg cleaner.

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            Peter M

            I think so because my experience has shown that registry cleaners inevitably clean things that are necessary. and hence cause malfunctions which more than outweighs any perceived, but unlikely to be significant, performance increase.


            What you should do though is keep some anti-malware tools handy but avoid any 'Pro' (paid) versions as they often have some form of real-time protection which can clash with McAfee's software.


            There are a few mentioned under '3rd Party Tools'  HERE.


            Plus always keep every aspect of your operating system and software updated.

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              Many computers that I have worked on that are having performance issues I have notice I many times see PC Tools Registry Mechanic installed. This does not prove that its PC Tools causing the problems but I think just running CCleaner and the McAfee Total Protection built in system cleaner is enough. Just make sure you uncheck the Registry part from the McAfee program so that it only cleans out junk files and leaves your registry alone.

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                Thanks for the help, I uninstalled Registry Mechanic. I'm using McAfee's Total Protection, CCleaner and Disk Defragmenter to keep my computer protected, cleaned and organized. McAfee's Total Protection virus and spyware protection, web and email protection, data protection and backup, PC and home network tools are all active. Also Real-Time scanning and Firewall are both on using McAfee's Total Protection with updates set on auto and current. And scannng sheduled to be done automatically, weekly. Any other tips are always welcome, thanks again for the help, Jim.

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                  Thank you for your time and help, Jim

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                    Thank you for your time and help, I posted what I've done after reading from you, thanks again, Jim

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                      Thank you for your time and help, I posted what I've done after reading from you and posted it, thanks again, Jim

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                        Another thing I recommend in order to keep your computer running at the best performance possible is to remove any unecessary startup programs. Startup programs are programs that start automatically when you boot your computer. These programs use up computer resources that sometimes slow down your computer. Specially with new computer most manufacturers include junk software that no one hardly ever uses.


                        You can remove them using CCleaner by going to "Tools" and then to "Startup". Disable any programs that you do not need running automatically. This will not remove the programs from your computer you can simply run them when ever you need them. Just make sure to leave your antivirus programs which in this case is McAfee and any other programs that you may need to start up automatically such as "Remote Service" programs or "Automatic Backup" programs.