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    'VSOs Undefined' - Cannot run Scan

      My anti-virus plus won't scan it just offers this error as explanation? Anyone fix this? Thanks

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          This has come up three times in the past and only one of the posters stayed around long enough to give any useful information. The problem seems to be with a top-level McAfee process that fails to start, meaning all the processes that depend on it can't run either.


          Can you download and run MVT and let us know whether it finds any problems?  MVT might be able to fix this, but a reinstallation may be necessary if it can't.

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            MVT was able to solve a few of the 41 problems but not all of them. I can't open the problem log but if I make further progress I will update asap. Thanks for your help Hayton.

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              If you can't open the log (and you should be able to) can you take a screenshot of some of the MVT errors and post that?

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                McAfee support said my host file was corrupted. After putting a new one in they still couldn't get the script error to stop and said it was a Windows Service Pack Issue. I'm installing the service pack, although the microsoft website has many users who have undergone the same experience and still not had McAfee work afterwards. I'm guessing I will have to re-install, although I'm not sure this is the best idea if my computer has been compromised.

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                  Host file? Presumably \etc\hosts

                  Script error?  Service Pack issue?


                  Maybe, maybe. But I found another one from a way back, someone who found a solution. Try that.

                  McAfee Communities- Security Center- [__VSOs Undefined].png

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                    It sounds like a very convuluted answer. Anyway after updating the service pack the issue was not fixed, so I uninstalled McAfee. When I rebooted computer I couldn't get any of my browsers to connect to internet, and couldn't reinstall. Upon to reverting PC to yesterday's backup copy everything is working fine, except obviously for McAfee which is a real concern to me. Any Advice? Thanks

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                      No one else has had these issues? My copy of McAfee Virtual Technician is now corrupted so I assume my computer has a real virus/worm on it

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                        You need to provide a bit more information, I can't work out what your problem is here.


                        Let's start with a few basics : what's your operating system and version, what are your system specs, which McAfee product have got and what version?


                        Why do you say MVT is corrupt? Are there any error messages about MVT, as opposed to the messages it displays about installed McAfee components? If you think it's not working properly, just uninstall it and reinstall.


                        What were (some of) the error messages that MVT was showing when you ran it?


                        Do you have the latest McAfee updates? If there's a McAfee process not running you could always bring up the list of services (msconfig has a "Services" tab) and start it manually. Set it to Automatic.