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      Recently i had to pay for anothe virus removal.  They said it began with Open Cloud Security.  After over 5 attemps to rid the virus, the tech said there were files in my startup menu that he could not remove but my lapto is now virus free; however continually now there is a message box stated  Mcafee has captured and removed the Artemis!56C9EF26F88B Trojan. The message will not go away.   I believe the virus is still in my computer.  help me please?  Thanks, Dee Manatowa

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          I've seen that detection name show up in other posts. Just as of today, we added full detection for that, into the dats. (DNSChanger!fa)  I'd recommend that you first ensure the dats are fully up to date, and then run a full system scan.

          If the detections continue to come back, then we'll need to investigate what is creating that file, as a possible undetction piece of malware.


          - David

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            Vinod R



            Could you please PM me the case details and your Case id-


            i will have someone call you back  from the Paid support Tier-2 team .As soon as possible

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              Vinod R

              Hi Dee,


              I could see that your case has been assigned by for Higher tier to follow up tomorrow- I will get back to you once you have a session with the T2 team.


              i will be closely following you on this case. Feel free to PM me if you need any assistance or have queries.



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                so i think the mcafee virus removal online team has removed it but not sure it is completely gone because when i ran a mcafee scan it gives me an error message and few times when i try it. but it finally let me do the scan. and now the report is:


                viruses: 0

                Trojans: 535

                Tracking Cookies:  149

                but how does the mcafee program get rid of these on my laptop?


                Firewall says

                Total activity

                Programs allowed: 0

                Programs Blocked: 0

                Intrusions Detected: 0

                and so on and so forth:  0


                Total items removed:  0 and so on and so forth:  all 0.


                should not mcafee securityCenter quarantine these trojans and tracking cookies and rid my laptop of them?