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    New error message to me......... 0xe0050046, any ideas?

      I really have not had very many problems with windows 7 and endpoint encryption, except for a laptop, that I'm currently working on.


      I had imaged the laptop, with an image that has been working fine, I created the install set with 5.2.5 as usual,

      Install set worked fine, the laptop is fully encrypted. Configured the laptop with the very same applications, that are used

      on other windows 7 laptops, that users are currently useing. Installed Mcafee 8.8av and rebooted, when the laptop restarted, it never displayed the endpoint encryption screen. It stayed black for about 2 minutes, then an error message popped up:


      Error: 0xe0050046

      Unable to write data store object attribute.


      Does anyone have any idea what this could be? It's not like I can bypass endpoint, as I cannot get to the login.