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    Full scan only taking 10 min

      A full scan of my system (running vista and IE) unsed to take over an hour or more.  No I see that it is finishing in under 10 min?  Is this virus or some orther problem.   A quick scan takes about 3 min.

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          As i understand it the scan software has been modified to create a whitelist of files (presumably only the large ones, which take a long time to scan). The details weren't explained, but I guess that if a file size hasn't changed, and the modification date hasn't changed, since the previous scan then the current scan will pass over that file, so reducing the scan time. However, a ten minute Full Scan does look either very impressive or very suspicious. Apparently the whitelist is meant to be deleted after any major McAfee update, so do you have any product updates outstanding?


          As an afterthought, how much data is on the disk? I have about 20Gb and my last scan ran for seven and a half hours, which was way too slow. Obviously no whitelist on my system.

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            The Program is up to date as of 400am today.   I do not have the amount of data on the drive at hand but it is about half of the computers available space  I am thinking 250mb.

            I will be intersted to see how a scan on my lap top runs this eve when I get home.

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              You mean 250Gb I assume.


              These white lists reset on dat updates though I have never seen such a fast scan (full).


              See what happens tonight

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                Yes GB.

                I ran a scan on my lap top and it too was very quick. I usually takes about 2 hours.  I think it was done in under 15.  Considering my lap top and desk top are running the scans faster it must be due to some changes in McAfee.

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                  Running a custom scan of only my c drive it has 70gb used. It did complete at 13 minutes. I assume this is the 2011 version ie has about top right of the security centre?


                  The 2011 version is faster than the 2010 version by 100%  unless you are doing a custom scan with some files excluded which you say you are not..Did it update versions recently? Who do you get your Mcafee software from? cafe or 1 of their partners ie your ISP or say dell etc?


                  Can you monitor it and we shall see


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