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    MWG 7 rsyslog (old) - issue with format



      MWG has a very old version of rsyslog which appeads time and hostname so a message which is a issue; particually if forwarded to a remote syslog server as it is double stampted confusing SIEM solutions.

      Version 3 has a option to remove this.


      rsyslog event:

      Oct  4 14:13:18 x.x.10.36 mwg: [04/Oct/2011:14:13:18 +0800]  blah blah


      Actual log should be:

      [04/Oct/2011:01:03:07 +0800] blah blah


      Please advise how we can remove "Oct  4 14:13:18 x.x.10.36 mwg:" being prepended.




      http://kb.monitorware.com/central-logging-problems-unwanted-characters-t8491.htm l