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    How do I switch from 3 user to 1 user with internet security?



      I have been using internet security for 3 years now but always the three user licence because we had 2-3 computers in the house.  Now we only have one so decided to purchase Internet Security 2012 - 1 user licence. Problem is it wont let me activate it because I currently have the 3 user version.  I have tried to uninstall and reinstall but that did not work.


      Can anyone tell me what to do to downgrade from 3 users to 1? I dont know if it matters but my current subscription does not expire for another 10 days - Do I have to wait for it to expire before I can activate the 1 user licence?  It is also the non-download version because it was cheaper to buy from amazon than download from Mcafee (sorry mcafee!).


      Pleasse help.



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          Hi there,


          Since the new  McAfee programs you have purchased in on a cd version . After your current subscription expires , run the McAfee removal tool and reinstall the Cd version and complete theactivation process.

          Please remember that if you are going to use the same email address for activations , use the option : I already have a McAfee account , else proceed further as per instructions on the same .

          Get back to us if you have any issues in activation and we will be around to help you out .