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    Firefox Compatibility?

      What versions of Firefox is SiteAdvisor compatible with? I've been refusing updates for a good week now, and I get the odd feeling that Firefox is more than a little bit ****** about it. It tries to auto-update sometimes. I feel betrayed. Am I doing the right thing?

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          By week I meant year, and I didn't mean to swear XD. But in all seriousness refusing updates is getting extremely annoying.

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            I have Firefox 7.0.1 and SiteAdvisor is functioning normally.   Why are you refusing updates?  There was a temporary issue when Firefox started their rapid-fire updating schedule but SiteAdvisor was rewritten to cope with that so the problem only lasted a few weeks.   The only issue in Firefox right now is one with McAfee Scriptscan 14.4.0 add-on for Firefox which is a function of VirusScan - anti-virus protection, not SiteAdvisor and they are working on that.


            So yes, SiteAdvisor is compatible with all the latest Firefox versions.









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              *updates firefox* Oh! Well okeiedokielokie! Thanks! (btw I was refusing updates because surfing w/o siteadvisor is eating without a table...or a house. AND YOU CAN PUT THAT ON THE BOX!!)