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    Sharing media on a home network - problem

      I am experiencing a problem starting Media Sharing server from a desktop to  a Sony Blue Ray Player, BDP-S570. I am using MS Windows Media Player 11 on the desktop as the server. The network connection from the BDP is wired. I can see the Internet download movies from Netflix and the like, no problems. However the Blue Ray server startup tool fails consistently sending out a message saying there is a firewall rule on my desktop is preventing the server from starting. I have opened the ports as documented by Microsoft, see link below. Additionally, I added a setting for "IPv6" "fe80::/10" to "My Home Network" without much success.


      Has anyone experienced such a problem. If so your help will be greatly appreciated.


      http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-vista/Sharing-media-on-a-network-usin g-Windows-Media-Player