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    Search engine forced redirect.

      I keep getting redirecting when trying to access youtube,google, and search engines. Can someone give me a hand? It redirects to a site called iwt search. If I can't fix this I'm going to partion and get ubuntu.

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          Could be one of a hundred different pieces of malware doing this.


          As a first step, make sure you've got the latest DAT file for McAfee, then go look for updates for Windows, and also Java, Flash, Acrobat Reader (et al - anything from Adobe, they're pushing fixes out all the time) if you've got them installed. Those are the main vectors for infection.


          Then, if you've downloaded updates, reboot (so they install properly). Run a McAfee scan and see what gets detected. Then run the free copy of this program from Windows, it sometimes picks up additional nuisances that McAfee misses.


          Let us know how you get on.


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            Thanks, I found an unwanted program on the control panel, uninistal,l named Shop to Win, I uninstalled that and it seems ok, though it did redirect me once after I uninstalled and restarted. I would like to figure more out though. I couldnt figure out how to update my .DAT files--Joe