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    Help!! real time scanning wont turn on and cannot scan!!

      Ive been having troubles for weeks now.

      My total protection tells me im not protected, so i try and turn on real time scanning and it turns off right away!

      also when i try a do a scan an error appears saying its not possible.

      I have been back and forwards with online technicians from mcafee with no answers yet.

      I have reset everything asked, run all the diagnostic things, run a check disc and no answer!

      The log from the virtual technician said i have 12 files or so missing and cant fix.

      i have tried to uninstal then reinstal then i was unable to access my account on mcafee to re download!!!

      So long story short i had to do a system restore to start over again!

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          Hello cralphy,


          Kindly confirm if you were able to access your account and now have issues in downloading the programs


          Even after a reinstallation have problems enabling the real time scanner .


          Please specify the below details on your next post

          Operating system ?

          Internet connections (DSL/Wireless/cable)

          Any third party software that you used previously ?


          McAfee Virus scan:


          DAT :