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    Potentially annoying download detected

      I have the free add-on and toolbar and it keeps sending this pop up message: potentially annoying download detected. You are downloading wea_ 26.cab   from http://wea.igeared.com/weather/weather/tb_icons/           I got this dozens of times every internet session. To my knowledge I've never even been on that site. I ran a virus scan, malwarebytes, super anti spyware and they've all shown up as clean. I thought it might be to do with this site which is on my AVG toolbar http://www.weather.com/weather/hourbyhour/UKXX2047?par=AVG&site=toolbar&cm_ven=a pplication&cm_cat=AVGToolbar&cm_pla=WxFcst&cm_ite=HBH  so I've disabled it. Assuming it is that causing it, is there any harm in allowing the download?


      I often get these pop-ups, this is another one I get a lot:      You are downloading:t9free0021.cab    from    http://af.avg.com/softw/10free/tbr


      Is that one OK to allow? I do have AVG.