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    Mcafee wont install,download

      on my laptop I hed a free acer mcafee trail who is expired kinda now.but I uninstalled it but I didnt restart my laptop then, I installed my mcafee antivirus plus after that and then I restarted....what happend was I couldnt find the Mcafee antivirus plus on my laptop anymore, I looked everywhere but I cant find it. Now I cant install it from the disk nor download it.

      I looked around on the forums and downloaded some preinstaller which made things worse....I cant see my gadgets anymore and most youtube images on internet explorer, yet I can see PNG images on firefox.

      This is the error when I try to install


      Its Dutch but it ses:The installation cant be start

      There are problems when Mcafee tries to install.Ensure yourself that Javascript is installed and working,before you contineu (I have javascript and it works)

      For more info go to the helpsite of mcafee on: http://us.mcafee.com/root/campaign.asp?cid=39368