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    McAfee Realtime Scan slows down PC massively

      Hello McAfee!



      What on earth are you doing with your product? Until about 2 or 3 weeks ago the virus scan worked like charm. But then, I assume some update was released and my PC automatically downloaded it, and since then working with my PC becomes a nightmare. Webbrowsing, file browsing, Windows explorer, slow like hell.

      When I have a look at the task manager, your process mcshield.exe constantly burns 25% of CPU time. And when I disable the realtime scanning feature of your product, mcshield.exe is down to 0% and the PC runs like charm again.


      Don't you test your products before releasing them? How is it possible that such a buggy software is released? I was hoping that the situation might improve with further updates, and that this slowdown feature might have been a unique lapse, but since the situation does not improve, I wonder what on earth is going on in your development and quality management department.


      An official statement by McAfee is much appreciated. I paid lot's of money for your product and in order to being able to work with my PC I currently have to disable a feature, which not only comprises my PC's security, but which I, as already mentioned, paid for.

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          It would help us to first know some info about your computer such as the operating system, RAM, what browser you are using, service pack, etc.


          Another thought is to run the McAfee Virtual Technician found at the top of this page under Useful Links locate in the Techical Support link.  MVT will scan the computer and generate a report of the McAfee products installed. Please post the versions the report displays along with the Affid.


          If we can gather some facts it will help to understand your issue further

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            Hello k3tg,


            I'm using a Intel Quad Core machine with 4 GB of RAM running Windows 7, including all service packs, however I see no point in your answer, to be honest.


            When I have a look in this forum, I can find multiple complaints about mcshield.exe in the past few days or weeks. I suggest you better consult your development department what they did wrong. If multiple people file complaints, this can't be an isolated problem, applicable to only a certain computer. It implies that your software is buggy, and I suggest your developers on the one hand should work overtime to fix that bug and secondly, they should revoke the version of mcshield.exe which was released recently immediately.

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              Hi Chris,  I am just an unpaid volunteer trying to help out here and we mods have been told to gather some facts in an effort to help others and by doing so when McAfee personell chime in on these threads they have this info to further investigate.


              It is possible the update may have caused some corruption which would probably be a good idea to maybe do a uninstall reinstall by following the recommendations in this link http://service.mcafee.com/FAQDocument.aspx?lc=1033&id=TS100507

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                chris0151 wrote:


                I see no point in your answer, to be honest.



                Tom has simply asked you for information which would help us to figure out what's wrong. The essential info we would need to know includes which McAfee product, and which version, you've got. Then we can notify the Support people, or Development, about your problem and pass the information onto them, and you'll be closer to gettig it fixed.


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                  The Possibility of you using a low level Pc and say 512Mb or lower ram also needed asking The techs would ask the same if fact that is the first thing theyy ask in 75% of their 1st posts. Your issue is very possibly a clash of scanning programs say a paid anti malware version active as well or as Tom said a corrupted install.


                  Try the reinstall path it is probably the solution.


                  If not we can bring your issue to the attention of the techs when we have our Monday  phone hook up.


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