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    Please stop the auto renewal practice

      Burried in the EULA when installing the software is an automatic renewal policy.  This is appalling, not so much the fact that an automatic renewal isn't a bad idea but that it is done by stealth.  Last year I paid $39.99 for a 3 user license.  A few days ago I recieved an email saying McAfee has charged me $89.99 for renewal!

      The renewal price if done manually online is currently $59.99, however McAfee seem to think that they are doing me a favour by automatically renewing my licenses for $50 more than last year without even having the decency to bother notifying me in the runup to the renewal date (30 days before the license expires) that it is fine to charge full price and not the discounted rate as offered on their website. 

      It appears to me that being a loyal customer doesn't pay.

      To their credit, McAfee have refunded my card quickly however I have now incurred fees on my credit card for both transactions which the refund did not cover so am still left out of pocket anyway.

      I have been a customer of McAfee for in excess of 10 years but am now going elsewhere.