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    Removable media encryption error "Incorrect key"


      Dear Friends,


      I have faced one strange error one of EEPC installed client.


      One laptop is running with EEPC 5.2.2 with full disk encryption. Removable media encryption option is set "never encrypt" under encryption. Client is sync properly with server. When i connect USB pendriver to that laptop first time it ask for formate (no issue) but when i open EEPC status is shows "incorrect key" error.


      I formate pendrive (from EEPC installed machine as well as normal machine) and reconnect it. From EEPC server console i select "manually encrypt" and sync client again select "never encrypt" option and sync client machine but in all the case it show same error.


      I am not able to figure out what is the cause of this issue. Can you please help me out to figure out this issue.


      EEPC version 5.2.2

      There are 3 partitions and all are fully encrypt.

      Here i am attachine screenshot and sbclientlog file.