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    Mcafee subscription changed to an old inactive one.



      I have two subscriptions to Mcafee Internet Security.

      The first subscription had all of its licenses used, so I got a second subscription to connect a new fourth machine too. This was about a year ago.

      Two of the machines are no longer in use, so about  2 months ago I canceled the first subscription (this subscription runs out today (30 Sept 11).


      I moved the remaining machine that was connected to the first subscription to the second (I completely uninstalled the software, and reinstall it from the mcafee account page).

      This showed up correctly in the mcafee control panel and on the account page it said (and still does) that two of the licenses are in use on the second subscription.


      Today I get a warning that the subscription is expiring and I need to renew, I check the detials and the mcafee control panel shows that the subscription runs out today (30 Sept 11),

      not as it once had 10 Mat 2012, which is the date of expriy for the second subscription.


      If I check the second subscription on the account page it shows the two pcs are correctly connected to it, and the names displayed are correct...


      any ideas on how to fix this?




      Dan Pyrke