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    Help - Frustration rising - Artemis!5D53CF0B4D16

      For the last several days I have recieved warnings from McAfee scans regarding possible unwanted files on my computer.  I have also recieved blocked notifications of suspicious programs requiring access to the internet.  McAfee has identified a csrss.exe file in my temp folders, research indicates that this may be a double of the system file that should reside in windows32 folder (I have checked and there is a file in the windows32 folder by this name).  I am unable to remove the csrss.exe file in the temp folder as I recieve the message that the file is locked, access is denied or it is in use by another program.  Several scans by McAfee show Artemis!5D53CF0B4D16 as being a potentially unwanted program.  McAfee states that the file should be Quarantined but having done this several times the file reappears after restarts.  I also recieve constant requests from unknown files seeking access to the internet.


      I am running Windows 7 with McAfee Total Protection.  Below is a capture of the McAfee quarantine request.